Kickboxing Meets

Group Fitness




At our studio, we put kickboxing elements into a motivating group fitness atmosphere, creating the ultimate workout experience. You will be challenged with a variety of strength, agility, and cardio exercises as you move through timed stations. With the guidance of our trainers, you'll master heavy bags, kick bags, and speed bags in no time!

What Our Clients Say

Maya P.

Fight Club is by far my new favorite place to workout! At first, I was a little nervous to go because I hadn't worked out in a while, but when we started doing the workout, all the nervousness went away and I loved it! I left Fight Club feeling amazing and I am definitely planning to come back again.

Elise K.

Fight Club is the BEST work-out in town! You are guaranteed to feel the burn and leave sweaty every single time with this HIIT work-out. Every class and instructor is unique, but equally awesome. The service is great and environment is super fun. My favorite work-out spot for almost 3 years now! Highly recommend.

Jeff J.

The place I've been looking for since moving out here this past July. My first class was yesterday and I loved it. The trainer, Ava, created an amazing atmosphere with two rounds of high-intensity training. Great experience, highly recommended and now I'm a member as well.

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